Submissions to Outermost

Submission Guidelines

Submit documents in .doc, .odt, .pdf.

Submit photos separately as .jpeg or .gif files.  If pictures are not from your private collection, cite the source or use open images.

Files should be sent as separate attachments in a single email. Zip formats including .zip and tar.gz are acceptable.

Include your full name, contact information including phone number and email address. (For confidental submissions, include email only)

Submit files to


We are currently taking submissions for Outermost Magazine in the following departments:


Interviewees– if you think you would make a good interview subject for Outermost, send a brief bio outlining your connection to the paranormal. Include links to websites, news articles etc.

Paranormal Q & A– you can send your questions regarding paranormal encounters, spiritual interactions, queries about the unknown or any other supernatural experiences.

Our paranormal expert, L.E. Caine, will answer your questions in our magazine. Please include your contact information so that we can alert you to the publication date of your query.


UFO Report– if you have seen a UFO and would like to report your First, Second, Third or Fourth Degree encounter, send a detailed account including any photographic or other evidence. Maximum 4000 words.

History and the Paranormal–  essay or report on the paranormal connection to historical places, people or objects. Maximum 3000 words.

Fiction– we are currently accepting poetry and short fiction with a paranormal bent. Maximum 5000 words.




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