Here’s part of the January UFO report from Outermost Volume 2, Issue 3. You can find the report in its entirety and articles on creation myths from around the world in this first issue of Outermost for 2017.


Numerous well-documented, well-filmed UFOs were recorded over the holiday season in the world. An UFO in Clarenville, Canada, rocked the internet and interested Ufologists for the remarkable similarity of the images taken by Chad Haines to the starship Enterprise. Despite jokes and references to the time travel episodes and movies from the popular franchise Star Trek, this homegrown UFO sighting is one of the most remarkable in years for the region.

(Photo on Right from Chad Haines)

The peculiarly familiar UFO hovered over a nearby lake for two or three hours before shooting away. Mr. Haines was converted from his previously skeptical stance on the phenomena, and was quoted as saying, “I couldn’t believe it.”

Another British UFO, sadly with less than impressive digital footage, was recorded over the holidays as well.

From an excerpt of the UFO report given to MUFON:

“I’m currently on holiday with my family staying at a cottage in shrewsbury a place called higher netley i was outside smoking a cigarette looking at the sky as i looked up at the sky i saw a very bright pulsating light which had white blue green and red colours as i observed it the object kept changing every so often i could see 2 lines flashing down either side if the main pulsating light it gave a very prominent triangle star like appearance and it kept appearing and disappearing in long sequences i think i no by now what stars ; aircraft look and how they operate this object looked huge from a distance and i could clearly see it with no obstruction what so ever it diffently was not commercial or military can you help i got son footage but it was from a distance and dose not do it justice.”

Fifteen black helicopters rushed toward the site of several bright UFOs near Albuquerque, New Mexico, on December 29 of this year. The couple who witnessed the event were joined by others who had seen not only the UFOs, but the helicopters as well.

In their report to MUFON, the unnamed woman said: “My husband is a long-haul truck driver and we were on a run from Washington State to Albuquerque.”

She said they left the town of Beatty, Nevada, heading south on SR 95 when they enountered the mysterious craft.

(Photo and report courtesy of MUFON)

In Canada, a bright UFO was seen hovering over the Bear Mountain Wind Farm in Dawson Creek, B.C. on January 10 and 11, 2017. The bright, sparkling golden light was motionless for over three hours and disappeared shortly after midnight, each night. It was corroborated by several witnesses.

(Photo by Anthony Stark)