Kapustin Yar and Other Russian UFO Secrets

By Virginia Carraway Stark

Kapustin Yar is a Top Secret as Area 51, at least as Top Secret. It is a secret underground Russian military base built officially in 1946 but alleged to have been built in actuality sometime around the start of World War 2. Even with the fall of the Soviet Union, few Westerners have heard of this mysterious base. The USSR was desperate to win the space race with America, but the origins of this base in the middle of Nowhere Russia had already issued orders that were told to all pilots BEFORE World War 2: Shoot down any and all UFOs using and and all means.kapusin yar ufo crash


They didn’t have any luck shooting anyone down until 1948, a year after Roswell. A Russian aircraft launched missiles as a strange object that was drifting ever closer to the secret base. The missile hit the UFO dead on and the ship had beams of intense white light shoot out of it. The pilot of the aircraft lost control of his plane as he was blinded and both aircraft and UFO crashed within minutes after each other. The only town that might have born witness to the event had already been evacuated years before to make sure that nobody ever got nosy about anything that happened in the vicinity of this base.

kapustin yar map

Kapistan Yar: Officially in the middle of nowhere.

Unlike Roswell, there weren’t newspaper articles about it. Kapustin Yar is officially a rocket test site and nothing more. Much like Area 51 we’re told it’s all Top Secret although not at all important and that we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about it. Nobody saw anything, although stunning footage of the crash is now available. The footage has been reported to be genuine and a metallic UFO and the aircraft can be seen, first engaging and then crashing, both turning into fireballs briefly as they connected with the planet.

kapustin yar russia jet ufo

Nobody said a word about Kapustin Yar’s UFO crash but the base was believed to have been created in part to reverse engineer any captured alien technology. The fragments of the UFO were bustled into the underground base. Ten years later, in 1958, the USSR declares that it has won the space race as they launch Sputnik 1. Sputnik (Russian for ‘satellite’) was designed to take measurements of the atmosphere and generally advance the USSR’s knowledge of the different layers of atmosphere. Many, however, have commented on Sputnik’s design. It doesn’t seem entirely earthly, a strange design, an orb with three probes positioned out of the sides of it.

sputnik russia ufo scientist

Russia’s Sputnik Design is Out of this Worl

Russia has been a hotbed of UFO activity. Documented by local newspapers as far back as the 18th century, strange things are described that may at first sound like meteors… until you read the rest of the story. Fireballs plummeted from the sky and then spikes of light came out of the side of the ships that were clearly seen despite the fact that the hovering UFO was still surrounded by a ball of fire. It was reported that anyone in the lakes that came in contact with the beams was severely burned. The papers told of fish who flopped onto dry land to try to escape the ships and their beams. The fish were also said to give off an eerie glow.

Even earlier, traveling Arabs marveled at the light displays in the skies when they traveled through the region that became the Soviet Union. They talked to the local people who all laughed at them for their amazement. Laser show dog fights of entire fleets were common place. To the Russian peasants the Arab traders spoke to them in marvel of stars in the sky, the alien ships were a moving fixture, a constant in their lives.

Flash forward:

Imagine sitting on your patio enjoying the early morning air and the sound of the birds doing their morning serenade. Suddenly you feel a fiery fist that hits you so hard that you and your chair go flying! Your clothes are so hot that you have to take them off, they feel like they’re about to burst into flames!

The year is 1908 and you are in Tunguska in what will one day become the USSR. The events above are what the residents of the city of Tunguska experienced on June 30, 1908 at 7 am. Something massive had hit over forty miles away.

It’s a good thing it was so far away because the forest where ground zero was located was blighted. An entire patch of forest utterly destroyed. Trees ripped up and thrown through the air, whole swatches of forest forming a radial pattern around… something. Ask the local residents what hit the earth that day and they will say the vengeance of the obscure god OgDy, what was he angry about? Nobody knows.

Nevertheless, that is what the villagers told Leonid Kulik and his team when they were finally, in 1927 able to travel through the rough terrain to make a report. The pictures we have of the effects of the event and the anecdotal evidence that the villagers supplied were all thanks to Kulik and his crew. It’s a little vague as to why it took until 1927 for a team to reach the area. Apparently it was due to ‘adverse weather’ (there were other events including a bloody civil war but it’s still strange). Nine years is a long time to have adverse weather but then again, we are talking about a region of Northern Russia so maybe I’m looking too deeply at this. Was it something else that kept teams from coming in earlier? Something dangerous? What was the real reason that nobody investigated this cosmic event that actually changed the magnetics of the earth due to the ferocity of its impact?

Suddenly in the north sky… the sky was split in two, and high above the forest the whole northern part of the sky appeared covered with fire… At that moment there was a bang in the sky and a mighty crash… The crash was followed by a noise like stones falling from the sky, or of guns firing. The earth trembled. – recorded from a villager of Tunguska by Leonid Kulik

Another recounting of the experience:

We had a hut by the river with my brother Chekaren. We were sleeping. Suddenly we both woke up at the same time. Somebody shoved us. We heard whistling and felt strong wind. Chekaren said, ‘Can you hear all those birds flying overhead?’ We were both in the hut, couldn’t see what was going on outside. Suddenly, I got shoved again, this time so hard I fell into the fire. I got scared. Chekaren got scared too. We started crying out for father, mother, brother, but no one answered. There was noise beyond the hut, we could hear trees falling down. Chekaren and I got out of our sleeping bags and wanted to run out, but then the thunder struck. This was the first thunder. The Earth began to move and rock, wind hit our hut and knocked it over. My body was pushed down by sticks, but my head was in the clear. Then I saw a wonder: trees were falling, the branches were on fire, it became mighty bright, how can I say this, as if there was a second sun, my eyes were hurting, I even closed them. It was like what the Russians call lightning. And immediately there was a loud thunderclap. This was the second thunder. The morning was sunny, there were no clouds, our Sun was shining brightly as usual, and suddenly there came a second one!

Chekaren and I had some difficulty getting out from under the remains of our hut. Then we saw that above, but in a different place, there was another flash, and loud thunder came. This was the third thunder strike. Wind came again, knocked us off our feet, struck against the fallen trees.

We looked at the fallen trees, watched the tree tops get snapped off, watched the fires. Suddenly Chekaren yelled “Look up” and pointed with his hand. I looked there and saw another flash, and it made another thunder. But the noise was less than before. This was the fourth strike, like normal thunder.

Now I remember well there was also one more thunder strike, but it was small, and somewhere far away, where the Sun goes to sleep.

The earth did indeed tremble. Geiger counters as far away as England recorded the impact.

Ask NASA or (go back in time) and ask the USSR for the official story and you will be told that what was experienced in Tunguska was the largest meteor in the modern era to have struck our planet.

Ask a UFO expert and you might not get an answer, but what you will definitely get is a whole lot of very intelligent questions. Questions like:
Why was there no crater?

Meteoroids leave craters. We’ve all seen the ones on the moon but there are craters on earth as well that vary in size. Why was there no crater? Nobody seems to know.

Where did the radiation come from?
WHAT??? Since when are meteors radioactive. I’m not talking about a little bit of radiation either, I’m talking about deadly radiation that persists to this day. There is an area called, ‘The Devil’s Graveyard’ because no trees will re-grow in that area. Also, any animal that blunders into it dies. Would a human as well? You go first, I’ll watch from a safe distance.

Where did the reflective bits of metal come from?

Do meteors refine metal? If so, is some of it radioactive? Meteors do not leave chunks of metal behind when they make impact. How could they? All the metal that they could collect was gathered together and eventually ended up in that ultra secret base, Kapuskig Yar. But there are reports that bits of metal have been found since then and the photos and reports Kulik made were definitive about this fact: There was metal.

Kulik lead three separate expeditions to Tunguska, each time he made two reports when he arrived back in Moscow. One was for the official files and one was for the top secret files. The top secret files tell us much of what I’ve written above while the official Soviet files agree: It was a meteoroid.

russia ufo

The blast from whatever Tunguska was hit the earth with 15 megatons worth of TNT explosive power. For a rough translation of what that means try to visualize the Allied forces dropping not one nuclear missile on Hiroshima but rather 1,000 nuclear missiles! Can you imagine that? I’m not sure if there would be any of Japan left if they had.

The impact was this great and yet there was no crater. By all right Tunguska should have left an enormous dent where it landed. It destroyed over 2000 square kilometers of forest. When I say destroyed, I mean flattened it to the ground. If this had happened in an urban area, or anywhere other than Siberia the casualties would have been staggering.

NASA’s explanation about the lack of crater is unsatisfying. They claim that it technically didn’t impact the ground but rather exploded higher up which is why there isn’t an impact scar. The enormous radial destruction makes this hard to believe. All the trees are lined up so neatly in a wheel spreading out from where the (fill in the blank) detonated. If that was the effect of it burning up during entry, why the huge explosion? NASA claims that scientist in recent years have discovered substances, bits of rock that may or may not be meteor in origin from the nearby peat bogs. Again, less than satisfying. Can’t you do better than that, NASA? It sounds almost worthy of the originally released reports from the USSR.

Theories about what the impact may actually have been range from someone from off earth exploding a weapon for some reason to a mother ship crash landing. It’s over a hundred years later and we still don’t know a lot more than they knew in 1927. It’s equally likely to be the wrath of OgDy as it is to be a meteor. With the radiation, the strange metal, the perfect radial explosion and the lack of crater the odds are stacked against either an angry OgDy or a meteor and seem to favor the idea that Tunguska was extraterrestrial in origin.

If it was a meteoroid, NASA estimates that one of that size may hit earth about every 300 years so we have another 200 years to wait and see if the next meteoroid hits and forgets to leave a crater as well. You might want to let your great grand kids know that they should do something nice for OgDy before then, who knows, it could save their lives.