The Anunnaki from Nibiru

By: Jenn Spaulding

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special.”- Stephen Hawking

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If we humans are a mere troop of monkeys capable of the feats we’ve conquered than imagine what a lounge of man-like lizards are capable of. Do you believe they would be capable of taking over Earth and making humans their slaves? Urban Legend and Conspiracy Theorists are adamant that not only has earth been infested with alien presences in the past but that we are being controlled by the ancient reptilian beings also known as the Annunaki.

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Human history is riddled with tales of the Anunnaki’s diabolical presence and their involvement with humans. Anunnaki is of Sumerian descent and means, ‘Those who from Heaven to Earth came.’ The Anunnaki are a man-like reptilian race hailing from the planet Nibiru or as its better known as Planet X. Astronomers have determined that this planet has a 3,600-year elliptical orbit that settles it between Jupiter and Mars then hurls it back out into outer space. Depictions of this reptilian race have appeared in text since the beginning of time. So are the Anunnaki and Planet X a big hoax, an urban legend or does this sinister race of beings really exist?

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  Above is an image of an alleged Anunnaki that was uncovered by archeologists.

According to author and conspiracy theorist David Icke the Anunnaki are wickedly real. He even goes so far as to state that for the past 450,000 years the Anunnaki have been ruling Earth in different disguises and from different realms of existence. This is possible because the Anunnaki have tampered with our genetic code in order to control the evolution of humans to make us their personal lackeys. Icke even claims that the Anunnaki have forged genealogy to command human beings for them. I’m not shocked that these particular genetically engineered families still rule the world today.

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This would seem to hold the answers for why the elite on planet earth are obsessed with bloodlines and lineage. It has generally been assumed that the interbreeding that took place in aristocracy was due to haughtiness and airs and graces. A sort of ‘Us versus the Commoners perspective’. That’s not the case though. The Anunnaki did this to maintain a precise genetic schematic that allows them to maintain certain skills, like shape-shifting from lizard to human form. However, that Anunnaki can take on any form they choose. Some of the Anunnaki remain on Earth with the hybrids they created, while some of them control humans via telepathy from the lower regions of the 4th dimension. The Anunnaki have created an illustrious secret society that gave them reign to take complete control of Earth.

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The question is: Why would they bother with humans if they’re so advanced? This question comes up repeatedly in arguments against the concept of these lower dimension reptilian aliens. The answer is that the Anunnaki need earthlings: for dinner.

vampire bats

Nomnomnom, lets go out and get us some dins!

When one takes a look at vampires and the Anunnaki they find many similarities between the two, such as; immortality, love of consuming blood, sex with victims, shape shifting, hypnotism, and secret organizations. Albeit these 4th dimensional reptiles wear the human skin like a genetic coat and when a host dies the Anunnaki simply move unto the next vulnerable prey. It’s necessary for the Anunnaki to drink blood or else they wouldn’t be able to shift into human form. Not only that the Anunnaki thrive off of human fear, aggression, and other negative feelings. This is said to be because they’re addicted to adrenalchrome which we emit in situations of severe terror. The Anunnaki don’t bite their victims, but symbolically slice their throats from left to right and sip the blood from goblets. A sexual encounter with one of this mangy reptiles would be a horrifying experience of violence, rape, murder, and satanic ritual.


sumer 10 human excretions

Human excretions from the brain in times of extreme fear or pain are allegedly the bread and butter that the Annunaki come to our planet and dimension to feast on.

The sexual abuse doled out by the Anunnaki is used to blackmail and manipulate their victim’s psyche. These vicious reptiles have an infinite network of victims they rape, abuse, and ritualistically sacrifice. They even have numerous playgrounds that world leaders congregate at, like Bohemian Grove.

BohemianGrove_cremation_of_care3 known participants

Outermost Journal would like to specify that these are alleged members of the Bohemian Grove cult members. Most of the activities at Bohemian Grove are rampant speculation and Outermost does not claim to have evidence of any of said activities. This is reported as part of Urban Legend.

Which is a 2,700-acre compound located just north of San Francisco. Believe it or not this compound is a massive graveyard that holds numerous victims drained of their life’s blood and their soul’s energies.

The maps of where to find Bohemian Grove and the approximate layout based off of infiltrators and defectors who have been slowly working to expose the cult and their nefarious activities.

The ancient Sumerians described this planet as a winged disc and that’s how those that have recently seen this planet describe it as well; a planet with wings.


I’m assuming that Nibiru is now settled between Jupiter and Mars as there have been reports of it being spotted in the United States in November and December of 2015. However now reports of it being spotted in the beginning of May have emerged from Russia, Japan, and Peru.

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Is it really possible that these direful reptilian beings exist and are right now turning us into slaves?

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Or is it merely the oldest urban legend in the book? Photos such as this are all over the internet and thanks to photoshop and digital photography their efficacy is nearly impossible to prove.  I’ll leave it for you to decide.

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