Atmospheric Beasts
By Virginia Carraway Stark

Atmospheric beasts are little known and highly controversial cryptids. They are reported to have births and deaths and when they die, they fall to the ground in the form of a sort of jelly-like substance that quickly evaporates. The jelly can be nearly any color and has been reported by many witnesses but the fact that it disappears means that there is little to no evidence to support these many claims.

The beasts reputedly fly through the sky, defying the laws of physics and doing so without wings or any other form of visual propelling method. They are also reputed to be able to change their size and density, to become quite small and metallic looking or very large and translucent. Some parts of them can apparently appear to be invisible.

Some theories state that the atmospheric beasts are in fact UFO’s that have been erroneously mistaken for some sort of being. Other people claim that the beasts are in fact clouds that appear to be moving independently due to wind gusts and other natural phenomenon.

In Cryptozoology they are believed to be nearly weightless creatures that may be devoid of any sort of intelligence. Others argue that they could be intelligent, just not in a way that we can understand. Some people claim they are ancient beings who have always been in the highest levels of our atmosphere while others say they are an alien race who came to earth to escape a cataclysm or as pioneers to a new planet.

Their movements are said to be similar to jellyfish and some people also call them, ‘sky jellyfish’. Theories on the atmospheric beasts range far and wide and as we have no proof, extreme speculation on these obscure cryptids is all we have. Could they be part of an alien race that live in the gas clouds of the gas giant planets like Jupiter in our own galactic backyard? Some have gone so far as to say the controversial ‘chem-trails’ are in fact a war on atmospheric beast. Most of the ‘actual’ photos of the beasts look to me no different than seeing a face in the clouds, or a butterfly or any of the other patterns caused by the phenomenon known as pareidolia. This is an trait of the human mind to see patterns in random shapes and a trick we learned to see through camouflage that can lead us to flights of fancy. Whatever the atmospheric beasts are, they continue to inspire the imagination and cause controversy whenever they are ‘seen’.

Virginia Carraway Stark's photo.

Virginia Carraway Stark's photo.

Virginia Carraway Stark's photo.

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