Interview with Robbie Thomas by Virginia Carraway Stark

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Today I am speaking live with paranormal investigator, medium and psychic Robbie Thomas. Robbie has helped with numerous police investigations in Canada and is in demand around the world. He has appeared in major newspapers, magazines as well as television shows, movies and as a guest on news shows. He is also a personal friend and we I feel fortunate to have his presence with us in Outermost this month.

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Interviewer: Hi Robbie, it’s great to talk to you again, we haven’t talked together for quite awhile.

It’s great to talk to you too, Virginia

Interviewer: What have you been up to besides your usual activities in the Paranormal?

I just released my ninth book, it was the third book in the trilogy, Parasylum based on actual events, which I twisted with some horror, giving it that tinge of flare for the scare factor. We are also waiting for ‘Very Paranormal’, which is a new network here in Canada, to possibly pick up a show that will be networked via the world. Very Paranormal is a 24/7 kind of HBO or Netflix based streaming channel. It will have much of the paranormal venue on it, but they’re starting out slowly bringing good content to the viewer. As soon as we shot Psychic Profiler, OWN wanted it, unfortunately that’s when OWN ran into money woes and downsized, getting rid of shows like Rosy O’Donnell and a few other programs. At present, Psychic Profiler has been reintroduced to the Networks for a second glance in hopes it gets green lighted. In the meantime, I created a supernatural paranormal blend of a show, in addition that is in talks with a couple large networks out of Toronto and Los Angeles. In this show we go around to the world’s seediest, darkest haunted locations that have never been on television. This show is exclusive to crossing different demographics within the paranormal/supernatural, forming a complete show that is based on scientific fact and the spiritual psychic ability. It’s unique and revolutionary in its own, something that has never featured on television before.

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Interviewer: And what is your role in all of this?

I’m the host, creator and Executive Producer, all in one function for the programs I create. I’m also the lead investigator going into all these different aspects of the paranormal/supernatural and of course, working with different law enforcement from around the United States and Canada internationally.

Interviewer: That’s pretty huge!

Yes, it’s a big bite to chew off, however, coming with the background that I have, it’s going to be very simplistic, and intriguing to do. I’ve worked with one individual for a decade, doing several movies, touring and speaking engagements with me, but I don’t want to give away what his name is.

Interviewer: I think I know who you’re referencing, but we’ll keep that under our hats.

Yes, until it’s the right time and then we can just blurt out a bunch of names all at once when everything is all lined up. He’s been on quite a few T.V. Programs and he’s got quite the following himself. He’s a supernatural historian. So, putting the historian with the scientific individual and myself together, we’re going to have a basis for something completely tangible with a real strong foundation doing this program.

Interviewer: I actually wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your background, I know a little bit about your career as a Paranormal Investigator and as a Police Psychic and all these other great things that you do, but what I was really wondering is when you realized that there was something special about you?

I don’t know that I would call it realizing that there was something special, it’s that we grow up in a certain way being spiritual. I remember feeling this way when I was a young child, even at age two or three, I recall asking my mother, “is there somebody else that belongs to the family, I feel either I’m adopted or there’s someone else?” I didn’t know if I was adopted or what, but I felt that I had a sibling. That used to eat at my mother because, going back to the 60’s in the Roman Catholic Church, if you had a baby out of wedlock, they would take the baby away and they would adopt the baby out.

My mother, as a young woman, met this gentleman who promised her the world and he… fell short on a lot of his promises. My mom, in the meantime, ended up becoming pregnant and having a child. Years later, after that child had been given up for adoption, my mother met my father and had me. By the time I was two or three, I was already asking all these questions and I know now that it hurt her. I realized later that I was hindering her in her healing by always asking. I was being a thorn in her side so-to-speak, in reminding her that she had this other child and she had given it away.

When my mom passed, my aunt and my uncle sat me down at a picnic table in the park, where we were just talking and I mean, we had just got finished burying my mother that week. As we were sitting there they said, “You know, you were right! There was another child and she’s been looking for you. Her name is Mary”, and then they told me the stories that I just told you. I did a special on Fox Radio and it was amazing, because I got to tell this story back from 1994, but in retrospect I knew about this back when I was two or three.

Interviewer: It’s interesting because as a spiritual being, you knew that there was this unresolved matter and while you were, “a thorn in her side”, like you said, at the same time it was a matter for your mother that remained unresolved, a sort of spiritual link. It was a good indicator that you had a connection to the world of mediums very early on.

Yes, it becomes you. You live this life. I’ve been asked this question, “when does your ability start?” The answer is that it starts when you are born. We come from the spirit world. It’s just that, some people have acceptance and atonement in that sphere of things and a way to adjust to it. It took me my adolescent years to realize what was going on for me. I wrote about it in my first book, I’ve been a published author now for Thirteen years. I spoke about it on my first one hour talk show and it went syndicated across Canada and also hit into the States, which was something else. I look at that and I look at everything else I’ve been told and the story line of my life and I look at everyone else’s life. We all have this idea of who we are, if you will. Some people just adapt to this spiritual connection better than others.

Interviewer: It’s like some people push it down and other people just open it up, which is the major difference it seems?

Yes, that’s pretty much it. A lot of people are scared. They look at it and say it’s a curse or that it’s “the devil this” or “the devil that” and it’s not. We are of God and we are made in God’s image. We come from God’s spirit. We have to look at the opening of the universe and the power of everything that’s out there. A lot of people like to diminish it. A lot of people want to put it away in the closet and never visit that again. I, on the other hand, I’ve been doing this for years. For example, the murder/missing persons cases, my first case was twenty-four years ago now. I went through to be a police officer twice and my very first movie I’m in was twenty eight years ago or so now and it was for Police Officers, Firefighters and EMT’s who quit due to stress. I wasn’t stressed, I had just found a guy who had passed away and as I just arrived home back from the original police testing near Toronto. I heard a lady screaming for help and I jumped a fence looking around and then was directed to where he was. They opened this door and pushed me into this bathroom, where I came face to face with a gentleman who wasn’t moving and I started to do CPR on the man, but then I heard this voice and it said, “let me go”. I I stepped away, looking at him and his eyes were wide open staring right at me. I went back to do his vitals again and try to do CPR and I could hear him loudly, “Let me go”.

So, from that moment on I knew. I ended up quit wanting to be a police officer. But you don’t just “quit” being a police officer, they want to know why. They sent a film crew down, it was a Captain, Sergeant and a film crew from the Chatham Police Force. They came into my home, asking me various questions. When I got to the point where I said that I heard him tell me to let him go, their jaws all hit the floor… and that’s the very first movie I’m in.

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Interviewer: That’s quite the launching of your film career.

Yes, I know, it is. Looking back, knowing what I know now, it’s all part of the evolution in my life.

Interviewer: You mentioned, people being afraid of the spiritual and it seems to boil down to that sort of skeptical attitude that you see so many people have about the paranormal and the psychic. How do you personally deal with people, when they come off as being skeptical and doubting of what you do?

You know, I did a show last night, and the question was more direct, it was about working with the police and the conclusion is really that as children, we see everything in color. We don’t see things in black and white as a child, but as we get older, we get jaded. We become that cynical side of an individual and demand proof of the intangible and what-not. So, as I address the question of exactly what you just asked regarding the skepticism, you know, when the police detective out of Boston asked me, “you give me whatever you have and, if you happen to have anything that’s close to this case, I’ll call you back”. He was very skeptical. So I said, “Sure”. Then I drew my sketch of the individual giving all the particulars of the profile and what I thought. Then, I faxed it off to him and Detective Morisette called me back within ten minutes astounded. He said, “How much information did the family give you?”

I said right off the top, “look the family gave me no information, because the individual I am helping out, his brother’s daughter was murdered and he works with the Doe Network. They aren’t going to give me any information, they want to see what I come up with and if it is real. They want everything to be proven to be legit and genuine. So, all I got was a picture and her first name.”

Detective Morisette said, “The picture you sent me is the guy who we believe did it and he’s behind bars now on another charge and I just want to know how you do it.”

It was at that moment, his skepticism changed. Going into another case, here in Canada, and we all know this one, Victoria Stafford of Woodstock, Ontario.

What took place was that the family and I got together… and by the way, all the letters from the families are on my website and they tell you in their words my involvement in each case. I saw Victoria go missing two days prior to her actual disappearance. A lot of people are not going to understand that, however, it happened that way and I explained to my wife who was sitting there, “There’s a little blonde girl around seven or eight years old, who is going to go missing and it’s going to happen soon.”

My wife looked at me concerned saying, “Not again.” I said, “Yes, another one.” Sure enough, two days later, this beautiful little girl goes missing. In the meantime, I’m making my drawings, I see the tree line, I see the big huge pile of rocks, I see all the wagon wheels. I didn’t understand all the wagon wheels then. Why so many wagon wheels and horse and buggy things? But I put it down and then I profiled a man and a woman. When it came time to sitting in the office of the Detective in Woodstock and I’m explaining to her how I see things, how I perceive things. The family was given the drawings and they were skeptical as well, until I started to get notes on the woman who was involved in the disappearance. She was younger than the man who she was trying to impress and I was able to give them all the details.

Later on, Victoria’s body was found in the tree line, adjacent from a huge pile of boulders and the laneway for the horse and buggies was directly adjacent from the pile of rocks, which lead to a Mennonite village. Her body was found right there.

One note in particular I wrote down on the sketch as well, “gulch”, but where she was found was in ‘Guelph’ so, it was pretty close as information coming into me was rapid and putting it to paper has to be quick.

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Interviewer: Would you say that was the case that impacted you the most?

I often get asked that question as well throughout the years and I would say that every case that is dealing with a child impacts me. I bring my family at times, my wife and my children and when I go see these families they sometimes come with me. My wife has been on a few cases with me, on her own as well, because I need that accompaniment. I need someone to talk to, so I confide in my wife quite a bit. She knows a lot about what goes on during these cases. My family got to meet Victoria Stafford’s family. The father, the grandma, the aunt, the spokesman of the family and we went into their home. It’s like you become adopted into their family and you come to love them wanting to do whatever it is you can to help them. When I look at the families, every case impacts me whether it be, an elderly gentleman or a beautiful lady who is missing, it impacts me very much. To see the hurt in these families, I just wish I could do more. You’re there to help, that’s just the way it is.


Interviewer: Where do you find the strength to continue on with these cases when each one does impact you so strongly? What’s your spiritual center that lets you cope with this?

Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour, and my heart belongs to him. I pray daily, all day, for everything, for everyone. My wife, she says, “you do so much for others” and when reflected back, I realized that I had missed a lot of birthdays of my own family, a lot of holidays with my family, because I was always traveling through the United States and Canada helping these other people, these strangers. My wife calls them, “Perfect Strangers”, because they are perfect people who need help and I’ve never said “no”
to one of these Perfect Strangers. So, I guess you could say that the strengths that I have are God and my wife. When I speak to my wife, she’s so grounded, very, very grounded. We live simplistically and she helps me giving me the edge I need. When I’m down and out and I feel that I wish I could have stopped or jumped in a little sooner… but you can’t stop the inevitable, I’ve learned that over the past twenty four years. You cannot stop the inevitable. There is also the happier side of this too, where I have brought people home and that helps as well. The thing is: it is what it is!

Interviewer: I was going to ask you: Do you have any spiritual role models, but you kind of answered that. Do you have any other people who you would say you look up to as spiritual “go to people.”

When I was in grade two, I wanted to become a priest. Father Pedelt, had this overbearing presence of goodness to him. I would go to mass, watching him and he was very genuine, I knew at that moment that I wanted to be a priest. But then, at the age of sixteen, I discovered girls and that went out the window…lol, so then I wanted to be a police officer. Father Pedelt was, I would say, a very spiritual individual who guided me in a way that I knew where I was going in life and what life was really and truly about.

Interviewer: Another thing I want to ask you about is what it feels like when this sense comes over you? Does it feel different from every other moment in your day or is it something aside, something ethereal?

Over the years you adapt, so now at this time of life, where I am and the age I am and something happens, it becomes like it’s a part of you, because it is a knowing. It is a strong sense of Knowing that comes from within you. Looking at the different things where somethings has happened you really see this. I’ll give you an example. My daughter was at school one time and she has Type 1 diabetes. I just knew that the sugar in her blood was going to fall and that something very strange was about to happen. I ended up calling the school and talking to the teacher and my daughter. My daughter said, “Dad, you’re embarrassing me. There’s nothing wrong with me.”

She hung up the phone and it was no more than thirty seconds went by and she had a diabetic episode. Her blood sugar fell. Even when it seems wrong, there is that Keenness, that Knowing.

Going back earlier in my life and seeing the development of the spirit within me and other people, you become that, like that person we talked about earlier, who is hiding in the closet because they are so fearful of telling other people, because you don’t know what they will say or how they will react to you. In my very first book, “A Link to Heaven”, I explain about that is in that book, how I felt that the way my peer section would react to be would leave me crushed. As a result of this fear, I kept it hidden for a long, long time.

Interviewer: Having nine book titles published, starting with, “A Link to Heaven” and the new set, the trilogy, “Parasylum”, how has your writing evolved from going from explaining your “coming out” as a psychic to where you are now?

A Link to Heaven, chats to the other side was written in 2003 and was the assurance of the other side for us. There was a lot of talking with individuals from around the world. I used to have a forum called “Robbie Thomas Forums” in the mid to late nineties and a lot of people still follow me on social media from those original forums to this day. One woman, I will talk about shortly is a woman whose daughter I brought home alive from the sex slave trade. Looking at that first book and how it was written, it was written directly from spirit. I wanted to get that message out to people to ‘fear not’. Don’t be afraid, we are who we are. The cynicism and everything that goes along with that, like getting older and jaded is part of life and that’s when you just need to open up your hearts to love life.

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After that, I got more into paranormal encounters and the direct communication with the other side. Looking at how we interact with the paranormal. I was in two movies, The Sally House and Dead Whisper in 2005 and 2007. After that, I wrote about Perryville Battlefield and I ended up putting all these different locations and what I had learned over fifteen years of traveling to these locations in my next book, “Paranormal Encounters.” I went from doing the spiritual side of things to doing the investigative side of things. I was showing the true communication with the other side, caught on film and EVP. When you put the two together, it’s two positive proofs that are even more astounding than they are on their own. When I did all of that, it was just amazing and that is the basis for the new TV series that I mentioned at the start of the interview. It was based off of my book, “Paranormal Encounters” and the production company was really enthused about how I went about striving to bring out true communications. From that we got to proving that life exists in other dimensions and then writing into, “Signs from Heaven”, which is writing about the assurances to us. So, I went from the assurances of the other side in the first one, to the assurance of us, to know and to believe in ourselves. I put down all that was shown to me in, “Signs from Heaven”, which was then endorsed by the Canadian Government- Roger Galloway, MP for the Federal Government. Now, looking at how I wrote, “To You With Spirit”, it’s a daily affirmation book, taking everything I wrote on my blog in the mid-nineties… it’s a daily affirmation, saying “Love You”, “Life Loves You”.

I used to have a syndicated radio show from 2004-2008 where I would interpret dreams live on the air, so I wrote a book about that as well. From there we go to the “Parasylum” paranormal/horror trilogy where I went to Manteno State Asylum in the movie Dead Whisperer and all the true effects that took place, gaving it that sense of horror, so people could have a real look through my eyes at what I see happening in the asylum. I just gave it a bit more detail and a tinge of flavor. “Parasylum II The Unleashed”, was based on the Al Capone Speakeasy and we went to Chicago and filmed there. “Parasylum III Resurrected”, we went to Europe and the Azores Islands and what would be the vacation from hell. There you have it, a short and brief outline of the different dynamics of my writing.

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Interviewer: Is there any last impressionable words of wisdom you want to leave your readers?

If we could just relax and learn to love life, the world would be a better place. We are one human race in this life, no one better than the next and we all end up in the end the same, so treat life and everyone in life with much respect and love. God Bless!

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