The Haunted Hopkins House Kalamazoo, Florida

By Virginia Carraway Stark

The DuShanes are professional paranormal investigators and they knew what they were getting into when they purchased the Hopkins House. In fact, this was part of the draw for the couple. While in the attic they heard the voice of what was likely George Hopkins telling them ‘buy me and fix me’. Don’t believe them? Listen to the EVP here:

Since moving into the house the DuShanes have repeatedly been forced to call the police as it sounded like someone was breaking into their house. The police responded every single time and never found a thing even though a total of 36 police reports were filed.

Previously to the DuShanes deciding to ‘adopt’ the house, it was rented out to a series of renters. No one would stay in the house and many clained outright that the place was haunted.

How did the Hopkins House come to be such a haunted location? The answers to this question is a murky one.

The history of the house is recounted here word for word from the DuShane’s blog:

“ Queen Anne Victorian was built in 1896 by the Hopkins family. Construction was led by master architect David Hopkins. David also designed the Hackley and Hume Houses in Muskegon, which are on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Hopkins son George P. Hopkins lived in the house from the time it was built until his death in 1933, his wife remained there until 1945.

George started to study law in 1881, he would practice law for over 50 years eventually serving as Kalamazoo County Prosecutor, Kalamazoo Probate Judge and Head of the Kalamazoo Bar Association. In addition to these political offices he also held office in several Fraternal Organizations. He was a Master Mason in the Anchor Lodge of Strict Observance #87 of the Free and Accepted Masons (Free-Masons), he was also served as Worthy Grand Patron of the Corinthian Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star (Freemasonry-related fraternal organization open to both men and women) as well as Eminent Commander of Peninsular Commandery, Knights Templar #8 .

George died in the master bedroom and his spirit has been reported there by several previous tenants. In fact when we were asked to investigate the home, we were told there are even corresponding police reports from when the tenants called the police thinking there was a prowler on the second floor.”

There is no other information that I can find about any deaths or traumas that occurred in the house but it seems that George just doesn’t want to move on.

The DuShanes have a gofundme site that you can go and see recent pictures of the damage the house has sustained over the years. Their goal is to repair the house as George asked them to in the EVP they recorded in the attic. If you would like to help them I have included their gofundme link below.