Spiritual Safety: Some Advice for Paranormal Investigators

Written by Rev. Alex LaFountain

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One of the questions I am often asked involves safety not just of the physical self during investigations but of the spiritual self as well. Many who enter into paranormal investigations often ignore the aspect of spiritual safety which can (and does) lead to spiritual problems not only for the investigator but also for the client. So what can you as an investigator do to stay spiritually safe and why is spiritual safety so important? Let’s have a look first at why spiritual safety is so important.

Spiritual safety is important because it helps decrease the chances that you as the investigator will have spiritual issues after investigating a location. What do I mean by spiritual issues? It’s not uncommon to hear of (and indeed I have helped several) investigators who walk into haunted locations only to leave with an unexpected guest who follows them to their home. This unwanted guest proceeds to frighten or wreak havoc because it formed a spiritual attachment to the investigator. Another common (common in my opinion) spiritual issue is obsession. Many become obsessed over what they are experiencing at a certain location and either frequently returns to that location in order to continue experiencing what they originally experienced or they attempt to bring the location to them through countless hours of video or photos that they can’t help but look at, at any given moment of the day.

These types of issues are spiritual in nature and can be avoided (with some exceptions) through proper spiritual preparation before and after each investigation. Taking spiritual precautions for yourself and for others, is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of wisdom as you understand the potential for a spiritual encounter. Your precautions can be extremely simple or complex based on what you (and your teammates) believe. So what can you do to protect yourself from potential spiritual problems?

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The methods and techniques used for spiritual protection vary from religion to religion. Wiccans for example may wear a pentacle and an amulet or carry certain stones and certain herbs for protection. For those of us who are Christian, we often wear religious jewelry too which is normally a cross or crucifix though some of us (particularly us Catholics of all different types) wear blessed medals as well. I myself for example wear a blessed scapular with a blessed St. Benedict medal and crucifix everywhere I go. If you’re going to walk into what may be a haunted location, wearing jewelry that symbolizes protection in your religion is always a good idea. Almost every religion features special symbols of protection so utilize them as a means of staying spiritually safe. If you are a Christian then I highly recommend a blessed crucifix and a blessed St. Benedict medal or blessed St. Michael medals.

Another good way to provide yourself with spiritual protection is through prayers before and after each investigation. If your religion has special prayers for protection then I highly recommend saying them before and after your investigations. Since I cannot speak for all religions I won’t say what form all prayers have to take. However I can say for us Christians that prayers for protection can be something spontaneous from the heart or you can utilize special prayers such as the St. Michael prayer. I myself always say a small spontaneous prayer from the heart as well as an Our Father and Hail Mary before and after each investigation. Prayer is communication so utilize that communication to keep you safe.

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Lastly avoid going into investigations if your mind is altered by substances in anyway. I know this seems like a common sense thing but going to any investigation drunk or high (whether legally or illegally) is not only unsafe physically but it is unsafe spiritually. With an altered state of mind you are not in full control of your mental faculties which makes it far more easier for you to be manipulated then it is for someone who is in full control of their mental faculties. Most paranormal teams (and spiritual warfare teams) have a strict rule on not showing up drunk or high and this rule exists for your safety as well as your teammates and clients safety. Never forget that common sense is always your best friend when it comes to staying safe both physically and spiritually.

With Halloween coming up, many paranormal teams will be busy looking for ghosts and other spirits. Remember to stay safe at all times and remember to utilize common sense at all times. Don’t be afraid to utilize spiritual protective measures for yourself and remember to respect your clients and your teammates who may have differing religious beliefs. It is always wise to spiritually prepare yourself before entering into any potentially haunted location. Stay safe everyone, happy hunting, and happy Halloween!                                                                  praying hands

Rev. Alex LaFountain is currently studying to be an Independent Catholic Priest. He has worked in the demonology field for several years and has worked with dozens of paranormal teams all across the country as a consultant on demonic cases.