By Laura Callender

The static sound was hard to miss
The radio was off
Yet I awoke to a hiss
It consumed my grief for what would be
The next few hours I feared to see
Swirling storms inside my eyes
So tightly shut I still can’t hide
The world beyond this taunting vision
Can’t save me from the hand I’m given
The journey to the ‘other’ place so sudden
Then that sullen face
It looks at me with pity though an earthly being, not much I know
They see the change in me now
A baby grows
And yet somehow
They still decide to poke and prod
I grimace through my silent sob
They chose me first
When I was ten
But yet they come again and again
They take me when I least expect just as i begin to forget
Then all at once the pain returns
From deep within
My soul it burns
They say I’m special but they don’t see
The agony they’re causing me
Back in bed It’s time to rest
The bright lights fade, the darkness sets
But underneath earths only moon
I know we’re not safe in this room
No one ever hears my claims
Self harm they say
This girls deranged
Despite how much they isolate me
I’m the ‘chosen’ one, they fail to see.

alien ultrasound