Magical and Mystical Questions and Answers:

Dear Ms Caine,

I was wondering if you have ever had light flicker for absolutely no reason when you enter a room? It has been happening not just at my home but also in the homes of my friends and a lot of times streetlights will go out when I walk under them. Sometimes they go out when I park my car under them. I know it could just be coincidences as well, but it has been happening so often that it’s made me wonder if it’s something more.


Dear Blanche,

Lights can flicker for a lot of reasons and of course the first thing to check out is if there is a wiring problem or even an energy shortage in your area. Assuming that it happens in too diverse of locations I would suggest one of a couple of options.

The body emits electricity and it also absorbs electricity as it does any other source of energy. Perhaps you are upset and putting out a lot of energy or taking in energy to make up for a dearth of it. If someone puts out a lot of energy all at once it can even allegedly make light bulbs explode. This is, of course difficult to prove as light bulbs can explode for other reasons as well.

The other option is that there may be a dark influence following you. I hesitate to suggest this as an option as people are far too quick to jump to the idea that it’s a ‘demon’ or other malevolent spirit. Darkness can mean a lot of things, it can be a bad influence on you, it can be something that is bringing you down or even that you are on the wrong path and you have been put out of alignment with the universe. Of course, it is ultimately impossible for anyone but you to say which of these options it might be. I would suggest some soul searching and careful meditation to determine what may be causing it. Follow your own intuition and ‘clean house’ as you feel fit.

-E. L. Caine.

Dear Ms. Caine,

I am an empath. I have always been an empath but I feel like sometimes it is something that surges inside of me and leaves me overwhelmed with the emotions of others and at other times I feel nothing at all. When I’m overwhelmed I don’t have a moment to myself and I’m afraid of getting consumed by the emotions of others. I have a hard time telling what I’m feeling and what I’m feeling that is actually the feelings of someone near to me. When it fades, I feel bereft. I feel empty. At first it’s a relief because I’m not overwhelmed, but then it makes me feel like I am blind or deaf. I feel like I’ve lost one of my senses and I worry that it will never come back.

Is this normal? Why does this happen to me?

-Sue N.

Dear Sue,

In psychological terms, empaths are classed as ‘highly sensitive individuals’. When you are sensitive sometimes things can go numb as they are overwhelmed. It is also possible that it is a self-protecting mechanism so that when you start to feel that you need space to yourself it is actually you who hits the ‘off’ switch. The two options when dealing with this are either the psychological route where you can be taught how to be less sensitive through psychological exercises. The other approach is to practice shielding and grounding methods. You must learn to become objective to when you are experiencing something from within or without. There is a difference and you must learn to be still enough to discover the difference for yourself. Perhaps sometimes you need to be more amped up to get a sense of others around you if you feel yourself to be in a dangerous environment. If that is the case then it isn’t your empathy that surges, it is your sense of danger.

-E.L. Caine.